Guy Fieri Gives the Gift of Cycling

After forest fires devastated the city of Santa Rosa, CA back in October, thousands of people lost their homes and businesses. As you can imagine, this puts a strain on Christmas for many families in the area who are finding it difficult to balance rebuilding their lives and providing their family with a memorable Christmas.

Enter Guy Fieri, a resident of Santa Rosa and celebrity chef on The Food Network. He, with the help of Rachael Ray, donated 310 kid’s bikes from Performance Bicycle to children in Santa Rosa who have been affected by the fires.

However, the bikes needed to be assembled. All 310 of them. Our store manager in Santa Rosa, Tommy Merriott, coordinated with Guy, Guy’s family, a handful of first responders, and local volunteers to spend a long evening assembling each bike.

“You may not be able to buy happiness, but you can buy a bike, and that’s pretty close.” – Anon.



4 thoughts on “Guy Fieri Gives the Gift of Cycling

  1. What a great story in response to a bad situation.
    Guy gets it. Great work giving back to your community and promoting physical activity.

  2. Hat’s off to Guy, everyone who helped and to Performance bicycles. We have a great industry and it shows!

  3. A little late here, but what a great story! Way to go Mr. Fieri, first responders and Performance Bicycle. Kids need hope, and these bikes represent hope.

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