These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

During this time of year, giving to others is a common theme. Giving your loved ones (or strangers) things that they want, things that they need, and things that they didn’t know they wanted or needed makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

When I began planning this blog post, I sent a form out to several of our employees who I see regularly cycling on their lunch breaks and commutes, asking for information about their favorite cycling product at Performance Bicycle. What I received back was an array of different products, pictures, and write-ups to compose in to a list for you all. We even had a bike that was submitted by 4 different people (all who work in close range with our bikes, product development and components daily, so there must be something fantastic about this bike), which we’re calling our official “Most Popular Favorite Thing”. Below is a list of some of our co-workers’ favorite things that can be found right here at Performance Bicycle.

What’s your favorite thing that you’ve bought from Performance Bicycle?

World Track Champion and Performance District Manager, Joe Wentzell, and his Breezer Lightning Team 27.5+

“There are lots of high-tech carbon and full suspension bikes that will outperform this bike on race day. However, this bike is all about the ride not the race. It reminiscent of the early days of mountain biking, the all day ride with friends, and the trailblazing days of the sport. Add in a couple of modern touches like the 27.5+ wheel size, the 1x group, the through axel’s and the 120mm travel Fox Fork and this bike delivers exceptional ride with a classic look. The heat treated hardened steel frame and well thought out geometry is extremely nimble allowing the bike to carve a fast line and climb like its lighter weight brethren. The oversized 27.5+ tires make for a plush ride. The bike eats up the rocks and roots of east coast single track like a hungry bear in a blueberry field.”

Avid Cyclist and Performance Merchandise Assistant, Erin Love, with her Axiom Lazerbeam 180 Tail Light

“It’s really bright and can be seen up to a mile away when riding. I feel safer riding in the daytime with it. The price is also really great you get a lot of light for $49.99.”

…. wait, did she say up to a mile away?? Wow!

Life-Long Cyclist and Performance Copywriter, Peter Hymas, with his Lizard Skin Handlebar Tape

“I never really thought too much about handlebar tape until I tried the Lizard Skins DSP tape – now I’m a convert. What’s most impressive is its tacky, but not too tacky, tactile feel. No matter the conditions – whether I’m sweating up a storm or riding in heavy rain – my grip remains perfect.”

Avid Cyclist and Performance Brand Communication Manager, Zach Terry, with his SE OM-DURO 27.5+

“I’m off the standard road and mountain bikes this fall and winter due to a back injury that required surgery.  I still need a good comfy upright bike to cruise around the neighborhood and some easy trails with the kiddos while I’m recovering.  The OM-DURO has been totally awesome with its 27.5+ wheels, 1X10 drivetrain, and overall throwback look that doesn’t make me feel like as much of an old man.”

Avid Cyclist and Performance Assistant Product Manager, Ben Fichman, with his Forte Carbon Clutch Bar

“These handlebars are light, wide and stiff, they are an awesome upgrade for any level mountain bike. At 780mm wide and 215 grams, you can’t beat them for the price!”

Avid Cyclist and Performance Product Developer, Mark Overby, with his Fuji Altamira CX 1.3 and Giro Cinder MIPS

“I like the Altamira because it’s light and stiff, so it accelerates like a rocket and handles super responsively. Plus the sparkly paint panels look dreamy. I like the Cinder because it’s stylish and offers MIPS protection at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.”

Photo credit – Jared Harber

“Launching the Krampus Rampus on my way to 2nd place in the Masters 40+ category at the CX-mas race in Raleigh, NC.

Avid Cyclist and Performance Product Manager, Eddie Jones, with the Clif Bloks Energy Chews

“They taste great, and are easy to take out on a ride. They also make it easy to share with your friends.”

The Most Popular Favorite Thing, The Fuji Jari

“This is a platform that we truly believe in and with the many different builds & colors available there is one that will fit your style. Lots of employees at our office have either stock bikes or have customized the Jari platform with all kinds of cool builds.” (Bikes owned by Nashbar Merchandise Coordinator, Chris Pitts; Performance Product Developer, Linus Owen-Garni; Performance Bicycle Planner, Tom Broyles-Lewis; Performance Parts & Accessories Developer, Chuck Gillis)

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