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New SE Bikes Accessories

With roots running deep in true, California BMX culture, SE Bikes have grown and branched out into thrilling and fresh endeavors, including celebrity collaborations, iconic retro-style urban and BMX bikes, and a growing social media presence that you’ve got to Check Out.

One of the major hype’s about SE are their accessories. From classic style cub tires to BMX seats like the Blitz, SE gives you the chance to customize your ride and bring some serious style to the streets. Here’s some of the latest gear they’ve got coming down the pike:


The Narler Stem

narler stem.jpg

Inspired by the classic design from the 80’s and named after a legendary SoCal BMX track, the Narler stem embodies the true essence of retro BMX. It’s available in five different colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Red & Yellow.



The Flyer Seat (shown above) is designed for all day cruising. This seat is super comfortable while maintaining SE’s brand aesthetics in the process. Looks cool with solid construction, including an added protection guard and even an integrated bottle opener as well.

blitz seat.jpg

The BLITZ seat is a classic molded plastic seat that screams 80’s style BMX. Some things you really don’t need to mess with. OK, with this seat, SE went ahead and added the integrated bottle opener to the side rails too. A practical addition to a classic look.




The first thing kids usually want to swap out when they get their new ride are the Tires. SE’s got you covered with the Cub Tire, which features a classic BMX tread and Skinwall sides. The Cub is available in Red, Blue & Black and 20″, 24″ & 26″ size tires.

For all you Fat Bike lovers out there, SE delivers up the Chicane, a cool design modeled after the pattern of classic cars. The smooth tread  will keep you flying.

Finally, for your 29er needs, the SE Speedster features a tread pattern designed for high rolling speed and minimal drag. The side knobs feature a large diamond-shaped pattern to provide the grip you need in corners, while the center tread features a densely packed honeycomb pattern for longer tire life.

Bear Trap Pedal

bear trap pedal.jpg

Get ready to shred! SE Racing’s classic Bear Trap pedals feature a durable aluminum body with anodized aluminum cages and come in a variety of awesome colors to customize your ride.


So Cals.jpg


First up is SE’s Powerwing. A classic BMX style handlebar with an extra wide 30″ spread. Stylish and comfortable at the same time.

power wing bar.jpg

Next is The Big Honkin’ Cruiser. This unique design dates back to the 70’s, but these bars will feel right at home on any old school or modern day BMX cruiser. This bar goes even wider than the Powerwing, at 31″.

big honkin cruiser.jpg

And if the Big Honkin’ isn’t enough for you, try the Super Big Honkin’ Cruiser bar. In addition to the wide 31″ across, this bar also has a 7 degree rise with unique shapes and bends to offer a truly unique experience.

super big honkin cruiser.jpg


wing grips.jpg

Grips have always been the most affordable and easiest way to customize your ride. The SE Wing Grips feature a classic and comfy mushroom pattern with the SE Wing logo embedded for extra grip. These grips are available in Black, White, Blue & Red.

SE is always working hard to bring something Rad to the table – it’s what they do best! So be sure to check back with us at for the latest SE Bikes Gear.




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