Athlete Spotlight: Lisa Nutter

Lisa Nutter, 2016 USA Cycling Master’s National Champion.

This week at Performance Bicycle we’ve been following Lisa Nutter as she competes in the UCI Master’s World Track Cycling Championships in Los Angeles, California.  Lisa is from Philadelphia, PA, is a Fuji Brand Ambassador, and a friend of Performance Bicycle.

Lisa Nutter in Philadelphia. (photo by Colin M. Lenton)

Most years Worlds are held outside of the US, so when they come to the states it’s an event we don’t want to to miss.  Having it in LA is especially awesome since we have several shops and friends in the area.

Read all about Lisa’s background, and why she was inspired to compete in Worlds this year:

“I’ve been an athlete a good part of my life, but I never expected to be a competitive track cyclist at age 52. In fact, growing up we didn’t call what we did cycling – it was called riding our bikes. Very literal. We rode on the sidewalks and parts of the neighborhood deemed allowable by our parents. We put balloons in our spokes to make our bikes sound like motorcycles as we pedaled. It was an added effect for our self organized drag races. It made us cool. Really cool. My bike was a fuchsia Schwinn with a white flower adorned basket. Yes, I removed the basket.

Lisa at the 2017 USA Cycling Master’s Nationals. (Photo courtesy of Big Picture Cycling)

As an adult, I not only use my bike to stay fit, which is where my gradual journey to competitive track cycling began, but also to set goals. In fact, my foray into competitive track cycling began as part of my 50th birthday challenge during which I learned and explored many new things. Of all the things that I’ve done, learning how to be a competitive sprinter has been the hardest, both physically and mentally and the journey continues. 2017 is the year of a new challenge, a new goal – competing in the UCI Master’s Track Cycling Championships in Los Angeles. This is my first international competition and I will be racing in the 500m Time Trial and Match Sprint.

What I’ve enjoyed most about cycling is being able to share it with others, especially women who would not consider riding a bike on their own, and young people who lack access to the sport.  This is consistent with my life keywords – equity, access and opportunity. When I was in the position to elevate women’s professional cycling in Philadelphia, I worked with ASE and the then mayor of Philadelphia to bring a UCI Women’s World Cup stage to Philadelphia and to ensure an equal purse for the female athletes competing in the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic.  I’m also an advocate for P250, a local effort to build a velodrome and recreation facility in Philadelphia with the primary goal of building on existing youth development work in the city. And, in celebration of my 50th birthday I got eight of my “sister-friends” who are not cyclists to prepare for and accomplish a week-long bike trip in Girona, Spain. Two years later, most of them are still enjoying their bikes. Each of these ideas started, not surprisingly, on a bike ride.


Lisa warming up for the 500m TT (photo courtesy of Lisa Nutter)

The bike has brought me into a new community, it has brought people into my life who are now dear friends, it has provided hours of enjoyment (and pain), and when I ride it is a space where I get to only think about what I’m doing in that moment. I no longer put balloons in my spokes, but I enjoy the meditative sound of my chain zinging, and as the universe would have it, I do still drag race quite a lot but, now, on a velodrome.”

-Lisa Nutter: Fuji Brand Ambassador, 2016 USA Cycling Master’s National Champion, 500m TT and Sprint

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