Halloween Costumes for You and Your Bike

Halloween is just around the corner, so we wanted to share with you a few of our costume ideas that put your bike in to character as well. Some of these are well known pop culture icons, and others are more obscure or lesser-known, but still super awesome!

  1. Napoleon Dynamite


You either love or can’t stand Napoleon Dynamite, but who couldn’t love this scene? It’s so brilliantly awkward. Napoleon’s older brother Kip needs a lift to meet his online love at the Greyhound bus stop, so he employs Napoleon to help him out. This would be a great costume for 2 people, though we do ask to exercise caution with this one, because it’s very…. unconventional. While Napoleon bikes to the bus stop, Kip is in tow behind him on roller blades. However, Kip is not using any muscle force to keep up. Instead he’s holding on to a rope that is attached to the back of Napoleon’s bike.

You could also go as Napoleon and Pedro on their bikes, as they’re depicted in multiple scenes with them. A few “Vote for Pedro” tee-shirts have to still be floating around out there.

  1. Misty from Pokemon, finally with a new bike


If you didn’t watch Pokemon as a child and you didn’t feed in to the Pokemon Go craze that swept the country this year, you can still rock this costume! In the show, Pokemon, Misty follows Ashe on all sorts of adventures, but why? They weren’t always a team. In fact, the reason Misty met Ashe is because he stole and wrecked her bike while trying to save Pikachu. Ashe promises to get Misty a new bike, so while waiting for him to fulfill his promise, she teams up with him to catch Pokemon. To dress as Misty, you’ll need shorts, red suspenders, and a yellow mid-drift (or tee-shirt). Also, a side ponytail. For fan service, be sure to mount a few pokeballs or water-type Pokemon to your ride. They’re her favorite!

  1. The kids from Stranger Things


We’re sure you’ve already been asked if you’ve seen this show, and also been told to watch it if you haven’t seen it. It’s a really great show to pique some nostalgia if you rode a bike as a kid. The crew of kids from Stranger Things use their bikes to travel everywhere in the show- on and off road. This would be a great costume collaboration for a group of people. You’ll definitely need 1970’s inspired outdoor clothes, ball caps, and headlights. Perhaps you could strap your old DnD set to your rear carrier for giggles.

  1. The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of OZ


Remember the woman who Dorothy dreamed was the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie The Wizard of OZ? Her name in the movie was Miss Almira Gulch, and she was famously depicted with her bike in almost every scene she appeared in, except for when she was flying around in the tornado and her bike transforms into a broom! A fun costume could be to dress as the Wicked Witch of the West with a broom zip-tied to your frame.

  1. Tombo from KiKi’s Delivery Service


Kiki’s Delivery Service is an anime classic about a teenage witch who begins a delivery service using her flying broom. A boy around her age, Tombo, who is fascinated by flight and Kiki’s flying broom, turns his bicycle in to a flying machine by attaching a giant red and yellow propeller to the front of it. This costume is a bit more whimsical, but we think the work will pay off! First, to dress as Tombo, you’ll need blue jeans, a tee-shirt with thick red and white stripes, brown loafers, and thick black rimmed glasses. As for your flying machine, you could use cardboard to create the giant propeller, and mount it to the front of your bike.

  1. E.T.


Of course we had to include E.T.! The timeless scene where Elliot takes that sweet jump to propel him further ahead of the FBI with the moon in the background, and E.T. in the basket…. Man, we still get chills from it. You could get an E.T. plushy and put it on the front of your bike to accompany you on Halloween night. Be sure to wrap it in a blanket or towel for added authenticity!

  1. Bikeyface


We love Bikeyface’s unforgiving commuting logic depicted in the cartoons she creates of real cycling issues that she faces everyday as a bike commuter, and as a woman who rides a bike. How do you put this costume together? Well, we suggest gathering a bunch of white poster board, scissors, a thick black sharpie, and strong tape. Bikeyface is usually drawn wearing normal clothes and shoes that most would not think to ride in, so there’s no issue in finding those items (wear all white with black trimming for added effect if you can!). As for those items you should gather, we suggest making conversation bubbles filled with cheerily sarcastic comments or assumptions that non-bike riders and commuters have often approached you with, and tacking them on to yourself or your bike.

  1. Radical Rick


If you aren’t a comic book enthusiast or you didn’t grow up in the 1980’s, you may not remember Radical Rick, but after googling him you’ll have to rock this costume! He’s a lesser known pop culture hero by today’s standards, but he was a huge influence in the BMX community during the 80’s and early 90’s. The costume should be rather easy to put together. You’ll need white chucks (or any pair of white shoes), a big white sign with the number “1” mounted to the front of your bike, blue jeans, a white long-sleeved shirt or jacket with red trimming, and a white helmet with a red banner on the brim and white letters to spell out “Rad!”. Be sure to be overly enthusiastic and give the ASL sign for “I love you” to all passers-by.

  1. Call the Midwife


This is a great costume to wear as a group or by yourself. Call the Midwife is set back in the 1950’s in Poplar, England, so you’ll need to brush up on your pin-curls and coral lipstick application. During this time, not many people in that area could afford a car. And since the midwives were provided dormitories in the local nunnery, they too couldn’t afford cars. Believe it or not, they had to travel by bike when called on to deliver a baby miles away. Their uniforms are pretty simple, so piecing together this costume should be easy. You’ll need a knee-length, light blue A-line dress with white peter-pan collar (you could just use a white paper cutout for the collar, as they are a bygone accessory), and a deep red cardigan sweater. Tether a babydoll or “delivery pack” to your bike for extra reference.

  1. Yehuda Moon


Yehuda Moon is a fun, modern comic strip you should check out if you haven’t already. It’s perfect for cyclists of all backgrounds, and especially those of us who are or have ever worked in a bike shop. In some respects Yehuda resembles an older version of Shaggy from Scooby Doo, but with an inconveniently low-brimmed ball cap. You’ll just need Khakis, a sweet beard, chucks, and a shirt that looks like you’re ready for autumn weather. Also, don’t forget the hat!



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