Flashback Friday Revisited – Performance Campione

This Friday we’ve decided to revisit one of our past Flashback Friday posts, in response to a number of questions we’ve received here on our blog.  Ever since our Flashback Friday – Fall/Winter 1984-85 post, people have been writing to us with questions about the Performance Campione frame that was featured in that catalog (and post).  Apparently there are still quite a few of these beauties out there on the road (or recently discovered hiding in someone’s basement!), and if you take a look at the frame, you can see why:

With Columbus SL tubing and a classic red and chrome color scheme, the Performance Campione was built to last!  It turns out that we have perfect evidence of this durability right here at our headquarters; the personal Performance Campione of Garry Snook (the founder of Performance Bicycle) is parked in the hallway by our lobby! As you can see below, it still looks sharp:

But the questions that we received about the Campione mainly focused on who made the frame.  After a quick call to Garry Snook’s brother, Richard (who you can see here, wrenching on Campione frame), we discovered that the key clue to where it came from is stamped underneath the bottom bracket shell:

The “BMZ” stamp stands for Biemmezeta, an Italian bicycle manufacturer that used to be located near Milan, Italy.  So the Performance Campione is definitely an Italian-made bike!

As the first bike to carry the Performance name, we’re proud of the Campione and the heritage it represents.  If you have any pictures of your Campione, we’d love to see them; post your pictures on our Facebook wall!

15 thoughts on “Flashback Friday Revisited – Performance Campione

  1. Thanks for the post! I have my campione all build up now, and its a really smooth ride. The only downside is that the seller I bought it from (gasp) threw out the original chrome fork!
    I have a tange chromo fork on it now, so its really ok, but I would have loved to have had that original Columbus chrome fork

    1. hey i was wondering what my performance campione is worth. it is in mint condition red all of chrome is still original. except one thing is different the this bycycle shown the word Columbus is colored white not yellow. also has the bz with a squiggle over the top. what do i have???????

    2. Nice POST! Any idea on how heavy is that fully built Campione? It must be a sweet ride being one of the first in the line. =)

      1. I have one in anthracite gray that I bought in the mid-80s and built up with Suntour Superbe Pro components, including a rare set of Command Shifters. It only has about 1300 miles on it, as it became “wall art” after I received so many comments about it.

        I also had the Record headset replaced with Super Record at the time of purchase. The whole bike as outfitted cost me about $900, which was a bargain at the time.

        It weighs about 23 pounds. I’ll try to get some pics to post.

  2. Hello,

    I have a vintage road performance bike I have been searching all over for info and cannot find it. It is a Tange Prestige steel frame labeled “Sakura” and says “Handmade in Japan for Performance” on the non-drive side chain stay. Do you have any information on this gem?

    Thank you,

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