2010 Bike Preview: TransIt Franklin

New year – new brand.

Our new for 2010 TransIt line of commuter bikes was designed to be both functional and fashionable – five models for trekking or running errands around traffic-laden city streets.  Named after streets right here in our hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the TransIt line will feature practical components in a stylish package.

2010 TransIt Franklin

The flagship model of the TransIt line is named after the main street that runs right through the heart of Chapel Hill.  Here’s Chris Danz, one of our bike distributors, with a video introduction of the TransIt Franklin (from right in front of the venerable Varsity Theatre):

For a closeup look, here are a few shots of the TransIt Franklin in our warehouse:

Previews of the remaining TransIt lineup will be posted right here on the Performance Bicycle Blog, and the TransIt Franklin will be available at Performance Bicycle soon.

6 thoughts on “2010 Bike Preview: TransIt Franklin

  1. 11 speed Alfine is certainly on our radar for the future (there aren’t even prototypes available for us to check out yet). This bike should be available in the next couple of days, for sure by the end of March. Glad you like it and glad your wife likes it too!

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